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Anti Hero

Synopsis Anti Hero

Hero. They are the ones that gather the adoration of the people and are admired by the society. They are the ones maintaining peace by cracking down on malevolent individuals with supernatural abilities by the looks of it.

However, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Money, violence, women and even drugs. Many heroes use their fame and status to satisfy their desires in the shadows.

There’s one with different abilities who denounced their misdeeds in a world where such corrupt heroes proliferate. His name is Kezuya Hongou. His father killed and his sister taken by a hero. Kazuya absorbed the strongest being that once terrorised people a hundred years ago, The Vampire Lord, gained the power to erase the abilities of heroes.

“I’ll exerminate all these corrupt heroes.”

Kazuya continues to fight against the heroes to get his revenge and save his sister Saya.

  1. This is the story of a man who lives to get rid of the heroes.