Dead Ending Collector Maid Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Author Choi Moondae
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Dead Ending Collector Maid

Synopsis Dead Ending Collector Maid

The prince, Cardin, who is sensitive and crazy, finds himself with Rowena, the only woman around. One day, the monster of the Hwangjagung Garden covers a human porridge. At the same time that I found it, I was attacked and on the verge of death… Exhausting! [Amazing experience! I experienced death.] [First batch experience bonus!] A strange letter suddenly appears: [If you don’t want to die like this, accept it.] Of course, I don’t want to die! Rowena accepts this questionable proposal… and suddenly, she is back three years. A return that started like that. If you want to live and see the future, we have no choice but to constantly die and return to get clues and move forward! Indeed, Rowena overcomes all dead ends. Will we be able to reach the best ending?