High School Life Guide for the Great Wizard Color
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High School Life Guide for the Great Wizard

Synopsis High School Life Guide for the Great Wizard

Oz, a transcendent being who lives in disguise as a high school student in South Korea at the request of his sponsor. And one day, Dorothy and Toto, the knight, appeared in front of her with a whirlwind! The front of Oz’s house was filled with people from the neighborhood. Beyond the bustling feet and shoulders, you could see the flames that had engulfed the modest house where Oz had lived for two years. The sound of the fire engine’s siren and the sound of the fire hose spraying water rang loudly in his ears. Dorothy, that damn bastard, was sitting in the ambulance. He was covered in soot and wrapped Toto, who was soaked to the bone, in a towel. And then he soon found Oz and… smiled without any sense. “It’s okay. We’re safe.” But the house was not safe. Oz’s home, which was charred black, collapsed with a crash. “The house really burned down in an instant. But I’m glad we’re safe, you know!”